Where to Buy Kefir Grains

Many people don’t know where to buy kefir grains because the grains are not easily available in stores or even online. However, reliable sellers of kefir grains have been listing them on Amazon. One of them is Keysands which I have personally bought from and reviewed here. However, they carry only water kefir grains and not the milk ones that most people are looking for. If you need to find out where to buy kefir grains, here is one of the best places you can get them from.

Where to buy kefir grains fresh

where to buy kefir grains

If you live in the United States, buying the kefir grains fresh is the best option because your grains would be available for immediate use right after you get it in the mail. The best place to get it from would be Fushion Tea** Lifetime Kefir on Amazon. You can choose between one to two tablespoons and it’s usually enough just to get one, but get two if you want a backup to keep in the freezer.

The kefir grains are well-packed and vacuum-sealed with whey and air in it so they will arrive intact and usable (You will be surprised how many people who sell kefir grains online don’t do this).

This also comes with a 29-page downloadable eBook so you don’t have to wait till your grains arrive in the mail before you can figure out what to do with them. The eBook includes instructions on how to make kefir, the health benefits of kefir, as well as plenty of recipes. I think it’s pretty great that they include the book because most people who need to get kefir grains are newbies and would definitely benefit from the information provided.

** Unfortunately, Fushion Tea has gone out of stock on their kefir grains, but Lifetime Kefir is a good alternative. They do not include an ebook though so you might want to refer to the pages on this site for further instructions.